Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Kate Bishop Early Unused Costume Design Revealed

Hawkeye fans should get a thrill out of seeing this unused costume design for Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop – which you can check out below! Marvel Studios Director of Visual Development and concept artist Andy Park posted the alternate version of Kate Bishop's Hawkeye costume to Twitter; this design leans a little more toward Kate's comic book costume design (at least in the top half), while still keeping things a bit more in the vein of modern tastes, with an efficient and tactical sporty bottom half. Check out the unused design for Kate Bishop's Hawkeye, below:

"So this is an EARLY concept design version I did way back when this project first fell onto our laps. I was leading our Vis Dev team initially on early visual explorations of what this @disneyplus could be/look like & what @haileesteinfeld could look like as Kate Bishop. But eventually we were fortunate enough to promote @rodneyimages to lead this project as the Vis Dev Supervisor! The final AWESOME design you see in the show belongs to him. He did a bang up job!"

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