Friday, January 14, 2022

Kat Dennings was deemed too ugly? WTF?

This just blows my fucking mind. So in her early days, Kat Denning was told she was too "ugly" to be a leading lady.

Wait? Are we talking the same Kat Dennings?

Cause as a straight male with money to spend, she is not just "Attractive" she is smoking fucking hot

This just blows my fucking mind. So in her early days, Kat Denning was told she was too "ugly" to be a leading lady.

I mean, we’re not even talking “40 Year Old Virgin” time frame, where, yes as a young actress, she was pretty damn hot.

When 2 Broke Girls came out, I already knew who she was, and totally respected her word. The show was a cookie cutter sit com and all, but she, and Beth Behrs were perfect in the show, Each of them had their own quirkiness but fit perfectly.

Most people ignore it, but I loved Kat’s stuff in “Drunk History” it showed her comedic timing. Which, she is AWEOME when it comes to comedic timing.

Dollface on Hulu is a really good show. I’m not going to lie. I do not think it was THE BEST for Kat, it was a good show but very generic.

Her roll on Big Mouth, ok, I’m a 40 year old kid nerd, I loved the cartoon. And for her roll, it was pretty good. It added nothing to her actual career, but it’s a good show she is attached to.

I hated “Wanda Vision” I know that is controversial because it got awards and people loved it. But I fucking hated it. Every episode was a bigger piece of shit than the last. I know she got a TON of money to be in it, but it fucking sucked. She was pretty much the ONLYgood part of that show.

She had this REALLY under rated movie “Friendsgiving” I have looked all over online for streaming counts for the movie, but I can’t find them. It’s Netflix movie. So you know you’re good from the start. But it's a good movie in it’s self.

It was actually really good. Admittedly I have a giant boner for Malin Akerman cause she is so hot. BUT, Kat actually stole the movie. Blending serious and comedy. It was a movie that usually you would think “generic piece of shit” but ended up actually being REALLY good, and that can all be attributed to Kat Dennings. Kind of like 40 Year Old Virgin. Over All the movie was sort of mediocre crap. But Kat's Roll actually made the whole movie.

She is one of those people that usually gets looked over. Like the side person that is there but no one gives a shit about.

And that is actually pretty sad, because she is probably one of the best accesses around right now. I'm not even talking the "Millennial" crowd. I mean over all. When it comes to comedy, sure, she is A+. But she can do everything else with that. There is no real front she can’t do. But (as a creepy douche bag) she does it while also being, one of the hottest actresses around in the last 20 years.