Thursday, January 13, 2022

First 3 Episodes of Peacemaker drop on HBO Max

The first three episodes of the John Cena-starring Suicide Squad spinoff Peacemaker bring a fun hair metal sensibility to HBO Max.

Peacemaker, the HBO Max spinoff of James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, reminds viewers of it cinematic origins right from the start.

Before even one new minute of the new TV series has aired, Peacemaker takes some time out for a “previously on” segment, bringing the show up to date with the events of the 2021 movie featuring DC Comics characters. Ruthless government suit Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) introduces Christopher Smith a.k.a. Peacemaker, a peace-obsessed jingoistic beefcake whose father trained him to kill from the moment he was born. We then see brief flashes of Peacemaker’s whole arc from the 132-minute film – from joining the titular Suicide Squad to killing dozens of criminal goons in Corto Maltese to murdering leader Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) on Waller’s orders to being near-lethally shot in the neck by Bloodsport (Idris Elba).

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